Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally stitching

I am finally stitching in my new chair. And as I anticipated, it is a great stitching chair!
Just Cross Stitch Magazine has a freebie pattern by Lizzie Kate called C is for Cure. I stitched it up on Strawberry Milkshake lugana by Silkweaver and changed the colors. I think it is really cute!

I am so looking forward to fall and cooler weather so I can stitch outside again. It has been almost unbearable here. We had 23 days of over 100 degree temps. It just makes you miserable when it is that hot for that long.
We have a new employee in our office that is expecting a little girl around Christmas. I have been waiting to stitch for a baby for so long! I could hardly wait to pull out the baby stitching stuff I have socked away. I hope I don't overwhelm her! Seriously though I have a little cotton baby blanket with 6 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 inch squares in each corner. I bought it for a really good price and it has been just waiting for me to pull it out and stitch on it.
Hope you all are having a good start to the school year and looking forward to the fall season ahead of us!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just had to share

Just had to share these two new pictures of my grandsons and daughter. Aren't they just cute as a bug?

Hope everyone is staying cool (HA! If you live where I am, the coolest it gets is 80 degrees and that is at 5am). But think cool thoughts and soon it will be fall.
I finished Time For God and took it to the framers. It is going to the family I spoke about earlier that lost a child and their home to fire. I think they will love it. I will post a pic when I get it back.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's wrong with this picture? (and also the winner(S) announced!)

My grandsons, daughter and son in law came to visit this past weekend. Here are some pictures:

These pictures were taken at a local amusement park we have here. I took my daughter there many times from just less than age 1 until she refused to go anymore. In fact, they have some little boats that go around in a circle. When she was a baby I put her in the boat in the back and there were two side by side steering wheels. She had never stood up before so I felt safe. Imagine my surprise, when the boats were going around, she grabbed both steering wheels and pulled herself up for the first time. Scared me to death!
It was fun seeing my GRANDSON enjoy this park now. It is different when you are a grandparent.
They have a train that goes completely around the 1 block park. My grandson and daughter really enjoyed themselves on it.
What is wrong with the picture you might ask?
Well I actually have TWO grandsons. At least I think I do. I barely saw the 8 year old this weekend. When he was in the house he was in my spare room watching TV or on my husband's PS3. But he mostly wasn't in the house. My son in law and husband took him to a video gaming place called Lansharx here. He loves going there with "the guys".
What happened to my little baby? The one that I held and rocked and who later sat on the arm of my chair and told me everything about his life? Eight must be the magic age when they turn away from "little" boy stuff and go on to "big" boy stuff. Granted, when he was here he did tell me a number of times he loved being at my house and he loved me! So that is good.
Right before he left, I made him stand still to take a picture so I could prove he was really here.

While my daughter was here, we decided to make it a "girly" weekend along with the visit from the boys. Friday we got our hair cut and then that night we colored each other's hair. My daughter went a strawberry blond color and it is very pretty. I did my usually reddish brown color but this time I tried something daring! I put a frosting cap on and highlighted my hair. It turned out great. Not very light highlights, just real subtle caramel colors. Next time I will leave the bleach on for a little while longer.
Then on Saturday we went to a nail spa and got "the works". We both got pedicures with a mask, hot wax and hot stones. Then I got a manicure and she got solar nails. Very, very nice.
We then went shopping and I found a couple of blouses that I liked (you know I have lost 39 pounds now! So new blouses were in order!) and I bought a new pair of sandals. She found some sandals and a lot of jewelry!
We had lunch with friends. One of my former co-workers was in town and so we had lunch with her and also my manager from work. We went to Panera Bread and had a blast. Here are a couple of pics:

After we went to the park that evening we topped the day off with facials. So now I feel very pampered!
And now for the moment you all have been waiting for! My grandson chose a name at random and the winner for the LK Scissor kit is: DEBRA! I will send you an e-mail to get your mailing address.
BUT WAIT! I decided it was so hot we needed some sunglasses to keep the sun out of our eyes. And to keep us focused on cooler weather, we need Mrs. Bones to remind us Halloween is on it's way. So we did another drawing for these Mill Hill kits:

The winner for these two kits is: CAROLYN!
And, I decided I would give away the pattern for Time For God (it is gently used) and that goes to JANET of Cross Stitch Bibs!
I will shoot an e-mail to all the winners asking for mailing addresses! Congratulations to all the winners!