Monday, February 23, 2009

25 things about me (you probably wish you didn't know!)

Erynne of (which by the way you should definitely check out!) had a list of 25 things about her and she encouraged us to do the same list with stuff about me.
So, if you are extremely bored and would like to know a little more about me, here we go!
1. I am the oldest of 2 girls.
2. I waited until I was 44 years old before I got married for the first time. It was a wedding, white dress with 4 foot train, the whole thing!
3. Even though I wasn't married, I am the mother of a daughter now 26 and the grandmother of 2 boys.
4. I left home at 17 (my choice) went to Florida with a friend for a year and had a wild time. But I came home (thank goodness I had parents who let me!)
5. My dad was the greatest man I ever knew (except my husband). He passed away 13 years ago and I miss him.
6. My mom had a stroke when I was 10. She has been completely paralyzed on her right side since she was 30 and her speech is at best difficult to understand.
7. Dad never left Mom or us until he died. He took us everywhere, from sea to shining sea.
8. I wanted to be a nurse, but didn't finish nursing school.
9. I was the princess of sneaking out when I was a teenager. I kept clothes in the garage. I would sneak out and wait about 5 minutes on the back porch swing. If they heard me and came out, I said I couldn't sleep. If not, I would change in the garage and I was GONE!
10. I picked a very bad guy to fall in love with when I was 15. He just about destroyed my life. He was mean and abusive. I stayed with him off and on until I was 25. I cared nothing about finding anyone else for years until my DH came along and swept me off my feet. My DH is a hunk of burning love and I don't ever want to be without him!
11. I have worked in blood banking in almost every position available for the past 19 years. I love being able to help people.
12. I am very bossy. It helped me when I was a single parent.
13. Even though I am grossly overweight, I still love me. I hate the fact the fact my knees hurt and I am out of breath at the slightest bit of exercise. But if it wasn't for health problems, I would have no problem looking like I do. I am beautiful and my DH thinks I am a supermodel. (Seriously, I know I must lose weight for health reasons)
14. I have lots of people who love me. It is wonderful to go through life being loved.
15. I hated school and dropped out and got a GED at 17. Sometimes I wish I had the wonderful high school experience that some had, but I didn't. Still I have had great life experiences.
16. I had the meanest grandmother in Waco (where I live). My mom's mom was the meanest grandma and then she died and my dad's mom took over her throne. Seriously, she turned me into APS three times in the last 3 years of her life even though no one else would take care of her but me. She once told my uncle that if abortions were legal when she got pregnant with him, he wouldn't have been here. MEAN! MEAN! MEAN!
17. My hair has been every shade from blond to gray to red (even Ronald McDonald red) to dark brown. I mean EVERY shade. Once it turned orange with streaks.
18. I started driving at age 15. I had my first small accident 2 days after I got my license.
19. My favorite tree is the redbud. I just about lose my mind when the first signs of the redbud tree come to life and almost cry when they all turn green.
20. My favorite flower is a toss up between daffodils and blue bonnets. The daffodils bud out first here and I get so excited, but then when the blue bonnets come along, my whole family gets tired of me saying "Oh look, blue bonnets!" everywhere we go.
21. My mom lives with my husband and I. She is in a wheelchair and her health is getting worse day by day, but I do love having her here. Even though it is a strain, she is such a cutie. That is when she isn't cussing me! LOL!
22. My favorite color for years was purple. Then one day I woke up and didn't like purple anymore. Now my favorite color is green. Particularly the green apple shade. But I don't eat green apples. Too sour!
23. My boss walked me down the aisle when I got married.
24. I love birthdays! But I don't think I am going to like being 50. Don't know why, just don't think I will like it.
25. I love to talk, but this has wore me out.

There! 25 things about me. So, what are 25 things about yourself? Put it on your blog and let me know and I will read it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

An e-mail from a new friend

Today I received this comment in an e-mail from someone who has been reading my blogs. Her name is Phyllis and I appreciate her taking an interest. Here are her comments:
"I wanted to comment on the biscornu. Last March a friend asked me to research and stitch a biscornu so I could present a program in finishing a biscornu to the Sampler group (satellite group of our EGA chapter). I didn't even know what one was! Thus began my "lurking" since she started me off with some sites as examples, etc. I presented my program, and people have enjoyed making biscornus. My advice: Stitch around the design in perle cotton. It makes it much easier to whip stitch, and it doesn't seem to get caught in the needle as you stitch. I may be jumping the gun because you may be doing a fabulously fancy edging that I did not undertake.
There are many sites with freebies, and many sites for finishing. I have attached a list of finishing sites that may help. I know that you can do this because your stitching it beautiful, and I can tell that you are talented. Keep on stitching and wow your group with your program. I wish you all the best."
Tonight at my EGA meeting I found many friends who have been reading my blogs. And I realized that all my complaining about this biscornu was silly. I can do this and I want to do this. I want to share this technique with those who have taught ME so much.
The stitching you see today is a direct result of the years of experience of my friends in the Texas Star EGA group. Yes, I have also learned a great deal from all of my blogging and my Yahoo groups, but my EGA helped me to get my "grounding".
It was there that I first learned about things like scroll frames and and centering my stitching on my fabric. ALL my specialty stitches I learned from them. There is such a wealth of knowledge in this group. And I have benefited greatly from it.
So now, it is my turn to offer them something.
P.S. Thank you Phyllis for saying my stitching is beautiful and that I am talented. Couldn't have done it without a little help from my friends and that now includes you!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Progress on the biscornu

As I have said before, I don't know why I dread working on this project. I haven't even gotten to the point where I am attaching two pieces to make the biscornu. Right now it is just regular cross stitching with some specialty stitches.
Maybe it is because the color changes every two or three stitches. Maybe it is because I think I ordered the wrong color fabric and I don't like the way the colors look with the fabric. And maybe it is because for the first time in a long time I am working with DMC and the texture of the thread seems different.
But in any event, here is my progress. I'm scared of Mary in my Cross Stitch Addiction Yahoo group (wink, wink). She threatened last week to get out a cattle prod. My DH even told me today after we got the groceries, when I headed to the computer, that I had better plant my rearend in the chair and stitch on it or else someone was going to get me.
So, here it is. I have a little more specialty stitching to do and have to attach a few beads. Then I have to do the back piece and put it together. I think I should have it all done by end of March. I want to show it at the April meeting (third Thursday in April). I have to kit up all the supplies for it and pass it out in May and then I will show how to put it together in June. SO good news is I am ahead of the game.
Put down the cattle prod Mary. I have been good this weekend. LOL

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
My dear husband. What can I say about him? Perhaps that I love him so much. That he brings so much joy to me I can't even tell you. That he is the man I waited all my life for, the love of my life, my hunk of burning love.
Valentine's Day never meant much too me until James came along. It was a time I helped my dd sign cards for her class, made cookies for a party and generally thought it was just another day.
But now, Valentine's Day is a day of love, a day to remember why I married my husband. This year he bought me two cards, a stuffed dog that sings Hot Stuff and a box of candy.
But more than that, each day he brings a smile to my face. He takes such good care of me (and my disabled mom). He is my knight in shining armor.
I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day. I know I did.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I won! I won!

I won one of the 900+ drawings for One World, One Heart. You can see it at
Marjorie, the blogger, does such beautiful work and it is a stitched butterfly pin and a stumpwork kit. WOW!
Can you believe it?
Thanks so much Marjorie!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I started the biscornu

Ok, I have started the biscornu. I had put a few stitches in it yesterday, but didn't like it so I put it aside. I think it is because I am working with DMC and I have been working with GAST and WildFlowers so much that the difference was throwing me off. I am still not happy with my stitches, but I have made progress.
Mary in my Yahoo group CSA accused me of procrastinating. And I am an expert at that. But since I had asked for her (and the entire group's) help, I decided this was not the time to procrastinate. So off I went.
Thank you Mary for that little push!
I also finished stitching another ornament for my stitching for a cure project and started another. You can see the pics for that on my other blog,
Tomorrow, I am going to only work on the biscornu. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 6, 2009

More daffodils

Since the daffodil I posted was such a hit, I have decided to put some more pics on this blog for those of you poor souls that are surrounded by snow, snow and more snow. Maybe it will brighten your day.
The above pic is the same patch that had the first little one I posted the other day. These are all the blooms that have opened since this past Tuesday.

This picture is of one of the other blooms that have popped open since I was at the arboretum on Tuesday. But alas, I still have no picture of any of the well known roadrunners that live there. We know of at least 5 of them, all with different personalities. Maybe I will catch one of them on film this weekend.

I will leave you with this last pic of some of the other blooms that meet you as you leave the arboretum. I hope these sunshine colored blooms will warm you up!
And if you would like to see a pic of my latest stitching, you can see that on my other blog,

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New starts

I just love to start something new. Don't you? I mean, I pick out the fabric, decide what I am going to stitch on it (yes I really do pick my fabric first then what I am stitching), and then I prepare the fabric, put it on my scroll frame, pull my threads and find my center of the fabric.
Sometimes I put the first couple of stitches in. Sometimes I just sit back and admire what I am about to do.
Today in the mail I got some fabric from Silkweavers. I had forgot I ordered it and that was just 2 days ago. But it was a 9x13 piece of pink, hand dyed fabric, 28 ct. Jobelin. And something called Snowstorm, kind of a whitish, grayish fabric with opalescent threads through it, 28 ct. Jobelin. Then I had a piece of fabric called Abracadabra which is a purple dyed fabric. But it was 20 ct. I never use 20 count so either I thought is was 28 ct. or my brain decided it didn't care.
Just yesterday I got a piece of pink dyed fabric called Pink Raspberry, which is a bright pink. I was pondering using it on one of my Stitching for a cure ornaments (most likely still will). But then I received the lighter pink and decided that is what I want to work on.
Never mind the biscornu I am supposed to be stitching for my CSA Yahoo group (and the one I am going to teach in May even though I have never done it!). I just can't seem to get into that one project.
So instead I got ready to start something new. And I even have ideas on how to finish it. I think I am going to make it into a flat fold ornament. It will be a diamond shape. And I think I am going use my crop-a-dile and put an eyelet in the bottom corner and hang a small locket from there. That way if someone wants to put a picture of a loved one with cancer on the ornament, they can.
But first, I must settle down and actually stitch.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Boy has this been a good day!

My dh James and I celebrated my birthday today. James is off on Tuesdays, so I took off today also. Now on yesterday he gave me a beautiful digital frame and a rolling cart to hold all my "stuff".
Today we started the day by going to my favorite restaurant, Luigi's. MMM! The food was so good. Here is a pic of James and I at Luigi's.

Next we went to my favorite LNS, MaryAnn's Needleworks. I went to buy some thread for another one of my stitching for a cure ornaments. I picked out two colors of Wildflowers and MaryAnn gave them to me free for my birthday. Isn't she cool? I have included a pic of her next to her shop.

McGregor is a little town outside of where I live. Luigi's and MaryAnn's are located there. They have the most beautiful murals on their buildings. It is a very old town that has wonderful small shops all over.
We then went to several different stores and such. The final stop was at the Arboretum. I looked and looked for the roadrunners they have there, but alas they must have been in hiding. But I did get a pic of this beautiful daffodil that is blooming there. The weather was wonderful. Mid 70's.

And then, I found that my heart diamond floss holder was featured in the cross stitch photo album. Here is the site:
All in all, a fantastic day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

6 more weeks of winter, but we do have a winner!

Unfortunatly Phil saw his shadow and we will have another 6 more weeks of winter.
But it is still my birthday (the national holiday) and so we will celebrate. We drew a name in the birthday giveaway and the winner is Andrea from Deep Fried Cupcake.
She has won her choice of 10 GAST colors. If she will contact me at and let me know her color choices and mailing address, I will get them right out to her!
By the way, I purchase all my GAST threads along with some fabrics from a wonderful seller on E-Bay. Her name is Cindy and her site is I have always been very happy with everything I have purchased from her. She allows me to purchase items and then have them sent to other addresses, like how I am sending Andrea's winning threads. Check her out if you get a chance!