Friday, July 31, 2009

New hair

I told you that the gray streak would be disappearing from the middle of my head. And yesterday it did. Then today my daughter went blond!
So here is a picture of my daughter, Jen and I with our new hair!

This has been a fun week! The boys went to VBS each morning and Jen and I hung out. Then in the afternoons we went out and about, bowling, swimming, movies, all sorts of things!
Tonight is the VBS carnival and then tomorrow they will all be gone. Whew! I will be ready for another vacation to recoup from this vacation!
Just kidding. I will miss the little boogers until their next trip here.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Having fun with family

I started my vacation at 12:01pm on Friday. My mom went to a Mary Kay party with her hairdressers and my husband was out on the road on Friday night so I had the house all to myself for a couple of hours. First time in I don't know how long!
Then my dd and her husband (and of course my 2 grandsons) arrived at 10:00pm last night. Let the partying begin! We all got to bed around 1:00am and then were up at 7:00am to go to Austin to a Pizza Park.
This place is about one and a half hours from the house. We loaded up two cars with my mom, my dd & her husband, my grandsons, my husband and myself and off we went. The park has just about everything you want to do and more from putt putt, to go carts, to bumper boats and lazor tag and video games.
Here is a pic of the entire family before all the activities:

Now the gray streak that is going down the middle of my head will be going away this week.
My grandsons and DD are here for a week. My DH is also off most of the week. Our plans include the boys going to VBS every morning, and then all of us going to the movies, bowling, the spray park and then those that are brave enough, going on the slip and slide at the house in the evenings.
I don't think I will get much stitching in...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Toy Society

I am a member of The Toy Society amongst other things. I say I am a member. I just did my first toy drop yesterday.
If you are not familiar with The Toy Society, here is the link: The Toy Society
Basically you make a toy and then place it out somewhere that someone will pick it up (hopefully a child that will fall in love with it!).
I did a hankie baby. Some of you might remember me asking for a pattern for hankie babies. Well after searching and not being able to make one from the directions, I purchased one on Etsy and then took it apart and made my own.

You place the toy in a ziploc bag with a note from TTS that explains everything along with a tag on the outside of the bag that says "Take me home. I'm Yours".
Then you "drop" the toy off somewhere and pray that someone picks it up.
Mine was picked up within the hour. I had a "spy" watching out for me.
Hopefully the person that picks it up will then send an e-mail to the Society (directions are in the bag) and I will know who got it.
Let me tell you something. This was about the most fun I have had in a lot of years. It was like being a secret Santa in July. My heart was beating and all day I wondered who picked up my toy.
To see what I dropped, go to the blog. It is about the second or third one down.
If you are a crafter, I encourage you to try this. It will make you smile and that my friends is a good thing!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update on HOT LIPS!

Well, bless my soul, Hot Lips isn't gone for the summer but rather took a short vacation. I came home today to find a shoot from one pot that has about 5 blooms on it (although still in the beginning stages) and the other pot has a shoot that has a few blooms on it (I can't tell how many yet).
This is such a surprise because last year once the initial blooms died, there were no others!
I will keep you updated when they blossom!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Goodbye Hot Lips

It is a sad time at the Wooley-Karl house. Hot Lips is gone for another year. She gave me so much joy this year. This was the second year she resided at my house. Last year, there was just one of her, with 3 little offspring.
But this year she divided into two and gave off 21 beautiful offspring.
Who or what is Hot Lips? Why she is the most beautiful day lily you have ever seen! Or in this case, day lilies! Here is she is, on the last day of the season:

I purchased Hot Lips last year and she gave me 3 blooms. But she got so large I divided her into 2 plants and held my breath. I had never raised a day lily so I didn't know what to expect. I kept her in two pots and then about a month ago she sprang to life, giving me a new, bright orange open blossom just about everyday. Sometimes 3 or 4 a day. But day lilies do not last long. I would come out in the morning and there would be a bloom. But by the next morning it would be withered away. I think Hot Lips just was so hot she exploded each day!
This year, I think she will have one pot that will have to be divided, so next year I will hopefully have more blooms.
Goodbye sweet Hot Lips until 2010. See you next year!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all! And to all those who are keeping us safe this 4th of July and all their families, THANK YOU!
Please stay safe this holiday. I had a minor accident yesterday while with friends. We were hit from behind and all of us were jarred up quite a bit.
It was due to simply not paying attention. The young woman had a dog with her, talking with her friend that was with her and had her leg propped up on the side of the door.
Throughout the day yesterday and today I have observed many people swerving in their lanes, one even going up on the curb. It was most likely not due to drunk driving, but rather texting and talking on the cell phone and not paying attention.
And because of silly behavior like this and because we know there will be fools out drinking and driving and because of the sheer volume of traffic on the road this holiday weekend, there will more accidents on the road, some quite severe.
During this season, there is a greater need for blood. And because people are out of their routines and because school is out, there is less blood available.
So, if you can donate blood, please do so now. Donate and donate often. You can make a REAL DIFFERENCE!