Monday, September 6, 2010

Another finish

I finished this little piece off this weekend. It is the last Stitching For a Cure project I will do for 2010. I still have to do the binding around the piece and put a bow on it, but the stitching is done.
Again I changed the fabric and the colors for the freebie, C is for Cure from Just Cross Stitch Magazine by Lizzie Kate.
If the fabric and colors look familiar, they should be. I used the same fabric and threads on Lizzie Kate's Chicks Rule.
I just loved the colors and thought they were very appropriate for Relay For Life.
I can now focus on some stitching "just for fun". We have a new recruiter in our office and she is expecting a baby girl at Christmas. I have been really wanting to do some stitching, esp. for a baby girl. And since I think my daughter is through giving me grandchildren, harassing the office staff to have babies has become my new hobby.
I found the cutest patterns to stitch and am going to do a little pair of white lace shoes, a hooded towel, a diaper cover (so cute!) and a little sign that says "Shh! Baby's Sleeping". I really hope since she is new and doesn't know me as well as the others do that she won't think I am a cross stitching stalker!
On another front, the cooler weather (if you can call 94 degrees cooler!) has made my garden go back into full bloom. I have a BUNCH of grape tomatoes and a couple of larger tomatoes on the vine, the peppers (yellow banana and green) are growing like crazy, my basil is just taking off again, the strawberries are in bloom and I have the tiniest little mint leaf starting. And oh yeah, I have this giant "Jack and the beanstalk" bean plant that is taking over everything. It has blooms all over it and I hope it produces some beans.
I even sat outside this morning with my DH and had our coffee in our lawn chairs without dying from a heat stroke. It is so nice. Rain is on it's way tonight and will cool off things even further.
Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!