Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Garden

Have I told you all how wonderful my husband James is? Well, let me tell you again.
Today he worked six hours in the sun putting in a small garden for me. He had to rototill the rows, hoe up the grass, bricks, rocks, etc, put in some top soil, plant the plants and then he watered everything down. And in the famous words of my mother (if you knew her you would understand) "I Supervised!".
I am sunburned as red as a tomato. But it was so wonderful to see it taking place.
The pics I am about to show you doesn't do it justice. We have a little scrap of a back yard, but he made the most of it. We have red, yellow and hot banana peppers:

Broccoli, zucchini, cucumbers, grape tomatoes and regular tomatoes and for Craig, carrots:

My daughter gave me a topsy-turvy for Christmas and we planted a grape tomato plant in it:

We moved my Mother's peach colored roses to the other side of the yard with the other rose bushes. And with the wagon of petunias & snapdragons it is quite colorful!

I also have strawberries, mint, lemon thyme, more petunias and of course, hot lips (which isn't blooming yet):

I know everything looks pretty rough right now, but soon I will have a garden full of colorful, fresh vegetables! I can't wait!
James, I love you so much and thank you so much for doing all this for me!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some stitching, some flowers and a new addition (very long post)

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything here. Truth is, I went through a grieving period and a period of depression.
I had to put my sweet little dog to sleep Wednesday a week ago. She was 15 and had gotten very sick. It was probably the hardest thing I ever had to deal with, short of my father's death 14 years ago.
Alex the puppy was about 2 or 3 when she came to live with me. Her previous owner had treated her like a queen before his death and when she came to live with me, she made it clear she would accept nothing less. She ruled the house and I loved her dearly.
I miss her more than words can say.
I had not felt much like stitching until today. I finished a verse in my "Time For God" by LK. I think it is appropriate that the verse is "Hard Times, Trust God" for this has been a very hard time. Here is a pic:

I only have one more verse to do and then I will be finished. I haven't decided who will get this piece. My husband and my 5th anniversary will be in May and I am really thinking of giving it to the Pastor that married us. He is a dear family friend. He took me to summer camp when I was a teen, presided over my father's and my grandmother's funeral and then married James and I.
While I have really loved doing this piece, I want to do something a little more colorful before I dive into LK "ABC's of Aging Artfully". Those shades are muted much like these are and I have the need for color.
Here is my next piece. It is a Raise the Roof Design called "Warm Water Wash". It is a wide piece and I am going to have to get some 20" scroll rods to accommodate the design as well as the extra fabric to frame with.
I purchased this on E-Bay and it came with threads, buttons and the patterns and was half the cost of what it was on most ONS. I really love patterns that come with the threads and everything so all I have to do is pick my fabric. Especially when they are GAST or WDW.
Here is a pic of the new project:

This spring has been very good for my flowers. A combination of cold weather to kill the bugs and lots of rain has brought out the best in my roses. My pink rose bush is fuller than full and my yellow rose bush is doing better than ever.
My dear husband, during my grief, helped me plant some petunias and snapdragons in my wagon. Our plan was to rototill the back yard (the grass is a bunch of weeds anyway) and plant a garden. But last weekend all the rototiller had been rented out and this weekend it has rained, rained, rained. So on to next weekend for the garden.
But my husband did purchase this wonderful 2 chair set with an umbrella in celebration of my 20 pound loss with WW. I have now lost 23.4 pounds (I didn't weigh this week yet). I love this set. I can take it with me to Relays and the umbrella will keep the sun out of my eyes when I sit and enjoy my garden.
Here are some pics of my flowers and my new chairs:

And we seem to have a new addition to the neighborhood. My husband has been telling me he has seen a bunny in our yard, as well as around the neighborhood in the early morning hours. And while we sat in our yard Friday morning, he appeared in the area between my house and the neighbors. My husband snapped a photo:

What I have now seen (but don't have a pic of) is that there are at least two bunnies and from the kissing they were doing, I suspect it won't be long until we have more! They are cottontails and when I told my youngest grandson that I thought the Easter bunny forgot to go back home, he told me that he had seen the Easter bunny and he talks. So I needed to talk to this bunny and if he talks back, it is the Easter bunny.
Here bunny, bunny...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter and an update on Time For God

Happy Easter to you all!
I worked some more on Time For God by LK. I have finished another verse. It is the "Quiet Times, Worship God" verse. I thought this was appropriate given that this is Good Friday. I have spent a great deal of my stitching time reflecting on my worship time.
I can't tell you how much I enjoy working on this piece. I think it is because while I am working, I am quietly spending time with God. It is well with my soul when I work on this piece.
I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe Easter weekend. Thank you for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts with me.