Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Pictures & my niece's graduation

Monday night my Mom & I attended my oldest niece's graduation. It is hard to believe she has now been in college for 2 years. Seems like just the other day she was 2 and telling me "I don't yike you, I don't yove you, yeeve me alone Aunt Donna Wooyee". Which would then be followed by me instantly grabbing her and hugging her.
My sister (her mother) was there of course as were members of her father's family. It was good to see them all.
I don't have a picture of the graduate, but here are a couple of pics. One is of my Mom & I and one is of my sister, my Mom & I.

Doesn't Mom look beautiful? I haven't seen her in that dress since my wedding nearly 5 years ago. She wanted to dress nice for her granddaughter's graduation ceremony. And boy did she!
Congratulations Ms. Sabrina! You dun good!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

An honorable company

Ok I know you heard about KFC where they go onto Oprah and offer a free coupon for a free grilled chicken meal. Then they say "whoa" we will go broke if we give all these people who saw this and printed this coupon off a free meal. So they offered something to appease the customers.
But what were they thinking? I mean it was Oprah for freaking sake.
Then the other day Best Buy mistakenly offers a TV for $9.99. Several people actually purchased it through their website. Paid for it. Then, whoops, we made a mistake and we are refunding your money.
These companies leave a bad taste in your mouth. I understand business. And I understand that in this economy to actually make good on that promise is hard. But how many potential customers did they lose by going back on their word.
I didn't print the KFC coupon, but when I drive by there, it is one of the first thoughts I have when I see the place.
Tonight I was shopping on a clothing site for large women called Roaman's. They have the slacks, the jeans and the underwear I like to wear.
I had a promo coupon for free shipping. And my jeans were buy one pair, get the next pair free.
So I thought I would through in a package of underwear. $32.00 for 10 pair. And then I saw it. In red print, BUY ONE PACKAGE, GET ONE FREE.
Wow! 2 pairs of jeans and 2 packages of underwear for the price of one each and free shipping??? I, being the bargain clothes shopper that I am, had hit the mother lode.
But when I moved the underwear to my shopping cart, it wasn't giving it to me for free. Oh no.
So I called them. A nice young man named Steve helped me. I told him my problem. He said they weren't buy one get one free but to hold on for a minute. He came back to the phone and said they were going to honor the price. He took my order and put it on hold.
Monday morning the customer service dept. (after I call them) will take care of fixing the problem.
A company that honors it's promises. That is something. You can bet I will shop with them again. And you can bet I will tell all my large size friends about it, just like I am doing on this blog.
Good customer service. A thing of the past? Maybe not!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Christmas tree...

It is hotter than Hades here in Texas. Today it was a mere 101 degrees, with a heat index (whatever that is) of 106 degrees. Too hot to go out, too hot to do anything but complain about the heat.
But here I am in my air conditioned house (thanks again Mom & Brenda for fixing it). And I am in my favorite Christmas t-shirt. Yes t-shirt. Here in Texas you can wear a short sleeve t-shirt with penguins and snow flakes and Christmas wreaths on it at Christmas time because we only have one day of winter and that is on January 26th or February 2nd depending on when I have scheduled a pedicure that I have to wear sandals to.
You may also ask why I would be wearing a Christmas shirt in July. Two reasons. One is that the thought of cooler weather makes me think of Christmas and the second is that this is Saturday, the day before laundry day and this is what I have to wear around the house. Really, it is just a comfortable shirt that I enjoy wearing around my house.
But back to Christmas. It dawned on me that this is August. A week into August, nearly half the month has passed. Soon it will be September, then October, then November and THEN! December! And Christmas will be here.
Now actually my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is the start of the "holiday" season and before I get tired of Jingle Bells and a thousand decorated trees. It is a time to reflect on family and giving thanks for what God has given us. Cooler weather is here and there is a Christian group that has a children's festival every year the weekend of Thanksgiving that I love to go to.
So for all of you that are going through the dog days of summer here is a thought:
THERE ARE ONLY 10 MORE PAYDAYS (if you get paid every 2 weeks like me)UNTIL CHRISTMAS!
Have a good weekend. As for me, where is that fan???