Saturday, August 8, 2009

Oh Christmas tree...

It is hotter than Hades here in Texas. Today it was a mere 101 degrees, with a heat index (whatever that is) of 106 degrees. Too hot to go out, too hot to do anything but complain about the heat.
But here I am in my air conditioned house (thanks again Mom & Brenda for fixing it). And I am in my favorite Christmas t-shirt. Yes t-shirt. Here in Texas you can wear a short sleeve t-shirt with penguins and snow flakes and Christmas wreaths on it at Christmas time because we only have one day of winter and that is on January 26th or February 2nd depending on when I have scheduled a pedicure that I have to wear sandals to.
You may also ask why I would be wearing a Christmas shirt in July. Two reasons. One is that the thought of cooler weather makes me think of Christmas and the second is that this is Saturday, the day before laundry day and this is what I have to wear around the house. Really, it is just a comfortable shirt that I enjoy wearing around my house.
But back to Christmas. It dawned on me that this is August. A week into August, nearly half the month has passed. Soon it will be September, then October, then November and THEN! December! And Christmas will be here.
Now actually my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is the start of the "holiday" season and before I get tired of Jingle Bells and a thousand decorated trees. It is a time to reflect on family and giving thanks for what God has given us. Cooler weather is here and there is a Christian group that has a children's festival every year the weekend of Thanksgiving that I love to go to.
So for all of you that are going through the dog days of summer here is a thought:
THERE ARE ONLY 10 MORE PAYDAYS (if you get paid every 2 weeks like me)UNTIL CHRISTMAS!
Have a good weekend. As for me, where is that fan???


Anna van Schurman said...

Ten more paydays. We only have four (maybe five depending on when they pay us in December).

CindyMae said...

Hot here in Texas, never! LOL Short sleeves and even shorts is not uncommon at Christmas time at all! I have worn both many Christmas's! I can not wait for a bit cooler weather at this point and I hope we have a couple days of winter this year!

Meari said...

Thanks for the "Christmas" reminder (not). Don't even want to think of it yet.

Heat index is what the temperature feels like to humans.

Stay cool!

Kathy said...

And that's nine more for me. Yipes! That's all?? Geez it seems like the holidays come around too quickly and I'm never ready.

I better get going on my Christmas stitching, :)

PS. Can you take your Texas heat and humidity back please? We are supposed to have 90s with a heat index in the 100s. :(

The Hines Family said...

10 more paydays...WHAT? Okay, when you put it like that I think that I just had a small panic attack!!

Karan said...

I could not cope with those temperatures at all. And guess who's already started her Christmas shopping? Only 2 pressies but it's a start. ROFL :0)

Mel said...

oh wow... only 10 more paychecks. that is not good. ;)
Thanks for the reminder.
Hope you're staying cool

Carolyn NC said...

I'm with you on the heat, though it has dramatically dropped this week. Cloudy, drizzly, but at least cooler! Hope it happens to you soon!