Saturday, August 15, 2009

An honorable company

Ok I know you heard about KFC where they go onto Oprah and offer a free coupon for a free grilled chicken meal. Then they say "whoa" we will go broke if we give all these people who saw this and printed this coupon off a free meal. So they offered something to appease the customers.
But what were they thinking? I mean it was Oprah for freaking sake.
Then the other day Best Buy mistakenly offers a TV for $9.99. Several people actually purchased it through their website. Paid for it. Then, whoops, we made a mistake and we are refunding your money.
These companies leave a bad taste in your mouth. I understand business. And I understand that in this economy to actually make good on that promise is hard. But how many potential customers did they lose by going back on their word.
I didn't print the KFC coupon, but when I drive by there, it is one of the first thoughts I have when I see the place.
Tonight I was shopping on a clothing site for large women called Roaman's. They have the slacks, the jeans and the underwear I like to wear.
I had a promo coupon for free shipping. And my jeans were buy one pair, get the next pair free.
So I thought I would through in a package of underwear. $32.00 for 10 pair. And then I saw it. In red print, BUY ONE PACKAGE, GET ONE FREE.
Wow! 2 pairs of jeans and 2 packages of underwear for the price of one each and free shipping??? I, being the bargain clothes shopper that I am, had hit the mother lode.
But when I moved the underwear to my shopping cart, it wasn't giving it to me for free. Oh no.
So I called them. A nice young man named Steve helped me. I told him my problem. He said they weren't buy one get one free but to hold on for a minute. He came back to the phone and said they were going to honor the price. He took my order and put it on hold.
Monday morning the customer service dept. (after I call them) will take care of fixing the problem.
A company that honors it's promises. That is something. You can bet I will shop with them again. And you can bet I will tell all my large size friends about it, just like I am doing on this blog.
Good customer service. A thing of the past? Maybe not!


Karan said...

That makes a nice change. Hope they receive lots more customers for that. :0)

Carolyn NC said...

That is nice to hear! Here's the funny part - my word verification was "panies" - Hmmmmm LOL

Gabi said...

So nice to hear about great customer service. That is how things should be done.

Kathy said...

Once in a while you can find a reputable comany that does honor their mistakes in the customers favor. Not often but there are some. Nice to know.