Sunday, June 19, 2011

New baby stitching

Our office went for 7 years with no babies being added (except grandchildren). We had a number of young women who for various reasons did not have children.
Last December one of our newest additions to the office had an addition of her own. I got to do some stitching for her. But I really wasn't in the "mood" for stitching.
Now I have a large collection of baby items ready to stitch. I have waited for some time for my daughter to have a granddaughter for me. But that didn't happen and I don't think it will.
But when my office mate announced her pregnancy, I, of course, went out and bought more items anyway.
These past couple of months have had 3 new announcements that women who either work in the office or used to work in the office are pregnant. I am close to all 3 and one is even having twins.
And they have all admired and supported my stitching efforts. So of course, I must get busy stitching for them. They are all due somewhere between October and December.
This weekend I started and finished the cutest pair of baby shoes. I cannot show a picture because the person I am giving them to occasionally reads my blog.
While it is not a typical "baby" design, I do think they will love them. I will post a pic as soon as I can.
So here is my question for you: When you find yourself in a stitching "slump" (and we all do at some point), what brings you out of it?
For me, it is usually a new design I must have and must start immediately or if I have a reason, such as a gift or giveaway, to stitch.
It is still hotter than he double toothpicks here. I went to the store and bought sandwich meat, salad stuff, and microwave food for the next week. Heating up the oven or stove for dinner when I come home is the equivalent to losing my mind. The house doesn't cool off after that until the next morning. And I really think I am in the beginning of menopause (which I have thought about for the past 3 years) and I am having hot flashes like crazy. So since I can only take off so many articles of clothing, I try really hard to keep the house as cool as possible. LOL
Hope you are having better weather and are enjoying your summer. Here is to lots of fun stitching and no frogs!
Til next time!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Lizzie Kate Blog

I am sure all you Lizzie Kate fans know this but she has a new blog. LinkIt is very fun and interesting, including a post about how a pattern goes from design to finished product.
Speaking of Lizzie Kate, you may have been following (a very long time ago) my posts on my thoughts as I stitched The ABC's of Aging Artfully. Well, I am on the letter "P" which stands for Procrastinate. This is something I am very good at as is seen in the fact I haven't stitched on it in FOREVER!
Since the summer heat and drought are here in full force in Texas, I am hoping I can find time to sit my rearend down in my chair under the A/C and stitch and show all of you my progress.
It is so hot here. I mean really, this is the first of June and we have had several days all ready at 100 degrees or more. And no rain, no rain clouds, no cool anything except the Sonic ice tea with lime I have found to be a necessity to get through it all.
I hope most of you are finding better, cooler temperatures where you are and have been stitching up a storm. I miss reading your comments. I do read most of your blogs and even though I may not have commented, I still enjoy keeping up with all of my cyber friends.
Speaking of cyber friends, most of you remember Rene. I have missed her so much this past week. Not sure why, but she has been missed. I know some of you are feeling the same way.
Here is to no frogs heading your way, lots of ice tea and a whole lot of stitching!