Sunday, August 21, 2011

P is for Procrastinate

It has been so #%$* hot it isn't funny. We are now at 60+ days at over 100 degrees this summer. And no rain. It is making for a very grouchy Donna (not to mention a grouchy James, a grouchy Mom and a grouchy everyone you come in contact with).
Our air conditioner went out on a Sunday afternoon about 3 or 4 weeks ago. In the few hours that Sunday morning while waiting to find out if they could repair the a/c or not it became unbearable in the house. How in the world do people who don't have central air or even a window unit make it? Luckily it was fixed later that afternoon and even though we spent the night at a local hotel, we returned to a cool house.
We also went on a vacation this summer. James and I met up with my daughter and grandsons to go to Moody Gardens in Galveston. We had a great time, despite the heat. It was my oldest grandson, Trent's 9th birthday. For his birthday I purchased surf lessons. Moody Gardens had a deal with a local surf shop. So Saturday and Sunday morning we went to the beach and watched him learn to surf. He did great! Here are a few vacation pictures:

I have done some small stitching items for babies. As I wrote in my last post (I CANNOT believe it has been 2 months since I posted last) we have had a slew of pregnancies of both current and past employees of my office. I cannot post pics because I have either given them away or they may see them on this blog.
But here is the amazing part: I have started stitching on Aging Artfully. I am working on P for Procrastinate. I think I have this one down pat. I do a great job at procrastinating as you can see from how long it took for me to start working on Aging Artfully again.
Here is a picture of my progress:

Hopefully, this is a good sign of things to come. I know I won't be out and about in this heat, so staying in the a/c and stitching sounds like a good plan.
And I leave you with the words of several songs, which hopefully will bring cooler weather: Dashing through the snow, Oh the weather outside is frightful, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, I'm dreaming of a White Christmas, Frosty the snowman...