Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some stitching, some flowers and a new addition (very long post)

I know it has been awhile since I posted anything here. Truth is, I went through a grieving period and a period of depression.
I had to put my sweet little dog to sleep Wednesday a week ago. She was 15 and had gotten very sick. It was probably the hardest thing I ever had to deal with, short of my father's death 14 years ago.
Alex the puppy was about 2 or 3 when she came to live with me. Her previous owner had treated her like a queen before his death and when she came to live with me, she made it clear she would accept nothing less. She ruled the house and I loved her dearly.
I miss her more than words can say.
I had not felt much like stitching until today. I finished a verse in my "Time For God" by LK. I think it is appropriate that the verse is "Hard Times, Trust God" for this has been a very hard time. Here is a pic:

I only have one more verse to do and then I will be finished. I haven't decided who will get this piece. My husband and my 5th anniversary will be in May and I am really thinking of giving it to the Pastor that married us. He is a dear family friend. He took me to summer camp when I was a teen, presided over my father's and my grandmother's funeral and then married James and I.
While I have really loved doing this piece, I want to do something a little more colorful before I dive into LK "ABC's of Aging Artfully". Those shades are muted much like these are and I have the need for color.
Here is my next piece. It is a Raise the Roof Design called "Warm Water Wash". It is a wide piece and I am going to have to get some 20" scroll rods to accommodate the design as well as the extra fabric to frame with.
I purchased this on E-Bay and it came with threads, buttons and the patterns and was half the cost of what it was on most ONS. I really love patterns that come with the threads and everything so all I have to do is pick my fabric. Especially when they are GAST or WDW.
Here is a pic of the new project:

This spring has been very good for my flowers. A combination of cold weather to kill the bugs and lots of rain has brought out the best in my roses. My pink rose bush is fuller than full and my yellow rose bush is doing better than ever.
My dear husband, during my grief, helped me plant some petunias and snapdragons in my wagon. Our plan was to rototill the back yard (the grass is a bunch of weeds anyway) and plant a garden. But last weekend all the rototiller had been rented out and this weekend it has rained, rained, rained. So on to next weekend for the garden.
But my husband did purchase this wonderful 2 chair set with an umbrella in celebration of my 20 pound loss with WW. I have now lost 23.4 pounds (I didn't weigh this week yet). I love this set. I can take it with me to Relays and the umbrella will keep the sun out of my eyes when I sit and enjoy my garden.
Here are some pics of my flowers and my new chairs:

And we seem to have a new addition to the neighborhood. My husband has been telling me he has seen a bunny in our yard, as well as around the neighborhood in the early morning hours. And while we sat in our yard Friday morning, he appeared in the area between my house and the neighbors. My husband snapped a photo:

What I have now seen (but don't have a pic of) is that there are at least two bunnies and from the kissing they were doing, I suspect it won't be long until we have more! They are cottontails and when I told my youngest grandson that I thought the Easter bunny forgot to go back home, he told me that he had seen the Easter bunny and he talks. So I needed to talk to this bunny and if he talks back, it is the Easter bunny.
Here bunny, bunny...


crossstitchbibs said...

Sometimes we wonder, 'What did I do to deserve this?' or 'Why did God have to do this to me?' Here is a wonderful explanation! A daughter is telling her Mother how everything is going wrong, she's failing algebra, her boyfriend broke up with her and her best friend is moving away.
Meanwhile, her Mother is baking a cake and asks her daughter if she would like a snack, and the daughter says, 'Absolutely Mom, I love your cake.'
'Here, have some cooking oil,' her Mother offers.
'Yuck' says her daughter.
'How about a couple raw eggs?' 'Gross, Mom!'
'Would you like some flour then? Or maybe baking soda?'
'Mom, those are all yucky!'
To which the mother replies: 'Yes , all those things seem bad all by themselves. But when they are put together in the right way, they make a wonderfully delicious cake! '
God works the same way. Many times we wonder why He would let us go through such bad and difficult times. But God knows that when He puts these things all in His order, they always work for good! We just have to trust Him and, eventually, they will all make something wonderful!

God is crazy about you. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning. Whenever you want to talk, He'll listen. He can live anywhere in the universe, and He chose your heart.

Mary said...

Time for God is looking wonderful and I love your next project! I'm so sorry about the loss of your beloved pet and understand your grief. Cute bunny too...maybe he just likes to enjoy your flowers too. Congrats on the weight loss!! You go girl!!

Kay said...

I am sorry to hear about your beloved dog. I understand what you are saying as I have had to be put in this situation myself a few times and just recently lost my cat last week after a long month of him being sick. It is hard when they get sick and you have to watch them die and then the loss of losing them is even harder. There presence in your home is very noticeable and without them the house seems a little bit off because they are not there. Happy early anniversary. I love the Lizzie Kate you are working on and think that is a wonderful idea of giving that to the pastor that married you and your husband.

Meari said...

Beautiful flowers, Donna. And congrats on your weight loss!! I'm so proud of you. :)

Your stitching looks great, and wonderful idea to give it to your pastor. The next-up WIP is really cute. You got a good deal on it, too. Good for you!

((hugs)) So sorry about your fur baby.

Mel said...

So sorry indeed to hear about your loss. :(

I do hope you start to feel better soon. I am loving your LK. And the new stash is just great.

I do hope that stitching can help a bit. *hugs*

Karan said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your fur baby (((((((((hugs))))))))).
TfG is looking good & will make a lovely gift for your Pastor. Nice new WIP. Your garden is looking good - enjoy sitting out in your new furniture. :0)

Shelleen said...

I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I know how hard it is. Congrats on the weight loss.

The Hines Family said...

I'm telling ya...beware of the bunnies!!!

Carolyn NC said...

So sorry about your sweet dog, Donna! Your DH sounds like such a good guy - glad he's there for you.
Love the flowers and congrats on losing weight!! Nice progress on your stitching!

silentsgirl said...

I'm so terribly sorry about the loss of your little one. No matter how long we have them, it's never long enough, and you have all my sympathies.

I'm glad that the other updates on your blog were more positive, and kudos to the hubby for great celebration gift.

Katrien said...

Sorry for the loss of your pet :(

Your stitching looks beautiful

Anonymous said...

^^ 謝謝你的分享,祝你生活永遠多彩多姿!........................................