Thursday, February 5, 2009

New starts

I just love to start something new. Don't you? I mean, I pick out the fabric, decide what I am going to stitch on it (yes I really do pick my fabric first then what I am stitching), and then I prepare the fabric, put it on my scroll frame, pull my threads and find my center of the fabric.
Sometimes I put the first couple of stitches in. Sometimes I just sit back and admire what I am about to do.
Today in the mail I got some fabric from Silkweavers. I had forgot I ordered it and that was just 2 days ago. But it was a 9x13 piece of pink, hand dyed fabric, 28 ct. Jobelin. And something called Snowstorm, kind of a whitish, grayish fabric with opalescent threads through it, 28 ct. Jobelin. Then I had a piece of fabric called Abracadabra which is a purple dyed fabric. But it was 20 ct. I never use 20 count so either I thought is was 28 ct. or my brain decided it didn't care.
Just yesterday I got a piece of pink dyed fabric called Pink Raspberry, which is a bright pink. I was pondering using it on one of my Stitching for a cure ornaments (most likely still will). But then I received the lighter pink and decided that is what I want to work on.
Never mind the biscornu I am supposed to be stitching for my CSA Yahoo group (and the one I am going to teach in May even though I have never done it!). I just can't seem to get into that one project.
So instead I got ready to start something new. And I even have ideas on how to finish it. I think I am going to make it into a flat fold ornament. It will be a diamond shape. And I think I am going use my crop-a-dile and put an eyelet in the bottom corner and hang a small locket from there. That way if someone wants to put a picture of a loved one with cancer on the ornament, they can.
But first, I must settle down and actually stitch.


BW said...

I got that same Abracadabra! LOL I'm stitching over 1 on it and making a fob with it. Such a pretty purple.

I wish Silkweaver would have more sales more often like that. LOL

Wendy said...

Well I also like to start something new. I was just reading on another blog to do a kind of rotation on your project, one day for one project. Think this is a great idea. I have now 4 WIP, so I can start 3 more... LOL.
I have ordered a HAED, so when this one arrive, I will start this one too.

Kathy said...

I too love t start new projects. It's the finishing that I occasionally have trouble with. LOL
Your finishing idead sounds intriguing. I can't wait to see it.

Carolyn NC said...

It's so much fun to play! Sounds like you're having fun and your stitching will be so pretty!