Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little better

Well, I am a little better. Not much, but better. I have had mood swings like crazy which makes me think I am (God I cannot believe I am going to type these words) "going through the change".
Which would probably be the reason for me not being holly jolly this year. Between snapping at friends and family and bursting into tears, it has been a roller coaster of emotions.
All though I didn't go to my EGA party for the first time in nearly 20 years, I did go to my work party tonight. I took my sweet Mother with me. She never gets to go to parties and was so happy to get out tonight. She even started picking out her outfit on Thursday night and had her stylist paint her nails red with green dots. Very festive.
A good time was had by all. I even won a door prize! We went and looked at Christmas lights afterward. Here are some pics:

This was Mom & me!

My manager Kristin and one of our consultants, Dawn

Another of our consultants, Terry and his wife Patty

Our HR Coordinator, Esmeralda and her fiance, Cesar

And finally, our Director of Operations, Jim & his lovely wife Elda.
My grandsons will come to visit me for a week starting the day after Christmas. Surely that will keep me in a good mood for a week or so. At least that is what everyone around me is keeping their fingers crossed for!
I really pray that each and everyone of you have a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season! You have all been blessings to me.


Kathy said...

Awwwww Donna I am sorry to hear that you have been having a rough time of it. But I so understand. Been there. Done that. :) Try pampering yourself a little and see if it helps.

Love the photo of you and your Mom. That was great that you could bring her to your office party. It looks like she enjoyed it.

Take care and I hope things improve before next week so you can enjoy the Christmas season.

Marian said...

Little white pills are wonderful!

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry to hear you've had the blues - hope it all works out soon! Enjoy your grandbabies.
PS - great pictures; love the one of you and your mom!

Meari said...

Looks like a fun party. Glad you and your Mom had a good time. You can't be old enough to have the change, can you?

Karan said...

That'll make two of us Donna - though mine has been brought forward due to surgery. Mind you, I get the Bah Humbug bit every year anyways. LOL Glad the party helped & hope you enjoy the rest of the festive season. :0)

Emily said...

Glad you had fun at your work party. It helps to get out, your mother looks like she had fun too, what a sweety for taking her.

Carolyn said...

Hi Donna,
Great picture of you and your Mom! I am soooo right there with you with the Bah Humbugs and I hate it so bad. I'm usually so eat up with Christmas that it's like the Griswold's Family Christmas around here. Not this year. I'm sure losing Mom this year has tons to do with it, but still. Anyway, hugs to you and I hope you can enjoy some of the season.

Carolyn :)

Are you coming down Houston way anytime soon? We have GOT to get together!