Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A question

I am interested in this scroll frame stand.
I started working on Warm Water Wash. Actually, I put the fabric on the scroll frame and put exactly 6 stitches in it until I realized that my holding a 24 inch scroll frame and stitching wasn't going to work.
So I started looking at scroll frame stands. And I like the look of this one the best. Now I need your help.
Have any of you used this frame stand? If so, do you like it? And I need to hear from my "big" girl friends on this also.
My biggest question is am I going to be able to position this in a way that I can stitch and my stomach doesn't get in the way. There, I put it in words.
I know I am not the only one out there that has this issue. And until I can lose more weight, I still want to stitch!
I would love to be able to take it outside with me when I stitch in my new chair as well as in my living room chair.
So, how about it friends? Have you used this and if so what do you think?


Anonymous said...

nope can't say as I have.. I tie my quilts... (on the big girl).. I can't even get past my gut to paint my own piggies....



Vicki in CO said...

I honestly know nothing about this particular stand. However, in February, I searched and searched for the perfect stand because of my poor eyesight for stitching. I found THE perfect one for me...

http://www.needlenthread.com/2008/01/needlework-system-4-floor-stand-review.html Check out this extensive review.

I love it so much I just ordered a second one! I have the regular stand, the travel stand, the extension, the q-snap holder, regular scroll frame holder and large scroll frame holder.

I have placed two orders from this store: http://www.threadneedlestreet.com/accessories.htm

She gave me excellent service, very low shipping cost, and fast service.

It is expensive, but I adore it!

Anonymous said...


My Counted Blessings said...

I have a stand like the one you are looking at, except mine doesn't have the holder like yours. Mine has one clamp that attaches to the top of any kind of stitching frame being used.

The one that I have is impossible to tighten enough to keep it from collapsing. Therefore, it's completely useless to me.

Whenever any kind of frame is put into the clamp, the whole arm system that makes up the stand bends forward because the stitching frame makes it top heavy.

Kelly said...

I believe the ANG ladies were talking about frames but I cannot find the article. You might look around that group. I bought the Lowery stand mainly because it works from the side of the chair. My nests are a chaise and a chair with a foot stool so the straight on stands will not work for me. Think about the type of chair(s) you have. Chairs such as Lazy Boy's have lots of stuff under the chair or some chairs don't have a lot of clearance between the bottom of the chair and the floor. Will the feet on this stand fit under your chair? This will help you determine if you can get it close enough. If you have a local shop, some will let you test drive a stand.

I love my Lowery. I work with 16 inch Evertites and it is perfect. Now I just have to beat the old kitty to my stitching chair. I hate to kick him out when he is so comfortable.

Kathy said...

Well since I only stitch in hand I guess I can't help you. :) I tried qsnaps, scroll frame and regular hoop. With all of them it slowed my stitching to a snails pace. And just didn't feel right.

Good luck with the stand I hope it is perfect for you.

Front Range Stitcher said...

Hi Donna,
Hope I'm not posting too late to chime in on your quest for the right floor stand. I have had a number of various stands over the years. I am currently using the System 4 floor stand. This is a superior product and it allows for adjusting to one's size. It's a bit heavy for travel so I recently got the K's Creations metal floor stand which is similar to the Lowry. I use it from the side and it is completely adjustable to the size of stretchers and me. :) One last type that I use that I really like is not a floor stand, but it's new version of the sit-on type. I especially like it because it easily adjusts front to back. It's not for huge projects, but I find it the easiest to use if you don't mind sitting on the large paddle. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a larger sized stitcher and I found the Lowery best. I've had one similar to the one you've been looking at and it just took up too much space for me and I could never get my frame in just the right position. Since I've had my Lowery I've never looked back.

Hope all these comments your fellow stitchers have left have given you some help in choosing.