Thursday, January 13, 2011

When did this happen (and a new addition)

Ok, when or rather where, did 49 years go? I cannot possibly be turning 50. I mean, 50? Really? FIFTY!??? But after checking my driver's license and searching in vain for my birth certificate (maybe they didn't have those that long ago!), I am indeed turning 50 on February 2, whether the groundhog sees his shadow or not.
Well, if I must turn 50 I will do it in the princess style I am accustomed to.
At a spa, enjoying a facial, pedicure and manicure, along with a friend (thanks Mom and Brenda for arranging and paying for this!). We are going the evening before my birthday so that I can look fabulous on my birthday. As we all know, I must ROCK this birthday!
In the past I have done things like have a birthday bash blood drive and fundraiser for my birthday. This year I am being selfish. It is all about me. Is that terrible? Am I wrong?
If so, well, I am going to be terrible and wrong. After all, you only turn 50 once (I know, I know, you can say that same thing about every birthday year!). And 50 is special.
Now for the new addition. Many of you helped me get through the loss of my sweet Alex puppy last spring. It was extremely hard.
But I have missed having a dog in the house. So for my birthday, my dear husband was going to get me a dog. But God (and my niece Sabrina) dropped one into my life. Her name is Honey and she is a mini dachshund. She is two years old and the owner had 5 dogs and just couldn't care for them all. James is going to pay for her shots update and getting her spayed. So he is still, in a way, paying for the dog for my birthday.
She is just precious. A lap dog. And even though she has been her less than a week, she is part of the family.
May I present Honey:

The dress came with her. It took her about 20 minutes and it came off. She is not much of a poser, but we will work on that.
On another note, this week the stitching world lost a great teacher and friend. Rest in peace Sweet Rene. You were one of a kind and I am sure heaven is enjoying having you!


Blu said...

Happy birthday!

Gabi said...

Happy birthday!!!
Your dog is adorable, although I think I like her without a dress
I tried to put a dress on my Jack Russel girl...and she changed into a statue. (Which I keep in mind as it can come in handy)

Kay said...

Happy birthday, I hope you have an awesome day! Honey is adorable, puppies and kittens are always cute in my book.

Meari said...

What a cute pup!

Happy Birthday, Donna. Sounds like you have a fun time lined up. Enjoy it in princess style. You deserve it!

Rene definitely will be missed.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy everything about your day. Honey is a very special birthday present. I love the pink dress.

Carol's Stitching said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday and Honey is just preceious! :)

AFwife99 said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Absolutely have a blast for this one. Love your new addition, what a cutie.

Kathy said...

I won't say Happy Birthday yet. But I will say Congratulations on the new addition! Honey is beautiful. Dress and all. :) I hope to see more of her on your blog. Glad to hear that she is fitting into your laps. and hearts. :)

Carolyn NC said...

Happy early birthday - and yes you should pamper yourself! And what a darling little newcomer. Love that little skirt!