Sunday, June 19, 2011

New baby stitching

Our office went for 7 years with no babies being added (except grandchildren). We had a number of young women who for various reasons did not have children.
Last December one of our newest additions to the office had an addition of her own. I got to do some stitching for her. But I really wasn't in the "mood" for stitching.
Now I have a large collection of baby items ready to stitch. I have waited for some time for my daughter to have a granddaughter for me. But that didn't happen and I don't think it will.
But when my office mate announced her pregnancy, I, of course, went out and bought more items anyway.
These past couple of months have had 3 new announcements that women who either work in the office or used to work in the office are pregnant. I am close to all 3 and one is even having twins.
And they have all admired and supported my stitching efforts. So of course, I must get busy stitching for them. They are all due somewhere between October and December.
This weekend I started and finished the cutest pair of baby shoes. I cannot show a picture because the person I am giving them to occasionally reads my blog.
While it is not a typical "baby" design, I do think they will love them. I will post a pic as soon as I can.
So here is my question for you: When you find yourself in a stitching "slump" (and we all do at some point), what brings you out of it?
For me, it is usually a new design I must have and must start immediately or if I have a reason, such as a gift or giveaway, to stitch.
It is still hotter than he double toothpicks here. I went to the store and bought sandwich meat, salad stuff, and microwave food for the next week. Heating up the oven or stove for dinner when I come home is the equivalent to losing my mind. The house doesn't cool off after that until the next morning. And I really think I am in the beginning of menopause (which I have thought about for the past 3 years) and I am having hot flashes like crazy. So since I can only take off so many articles of clothing, I try really hard to keep the house as cool as possible. LOL
Hope you are having better weather and are enjoying your summer. Here is to lots of fun stitching and no frogs!
Til next time!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you have stitched up for the new mom's.

I have to say our weather has been cooler than normal. We haven't reached over 100 yet. That is all going to change this week.

Last year was so hot and I was facing hot flashes and it sucked. I have been exercising again and it helps with them.(((Hugs)))

To get myself out of a funk for stitching. I usually look for a small pattern of some sort to get me back in the mood or I look online at all the new designs that have come out recently.

lenna said...

Donna ~
Knowing you as I do, I know what you have stitched will be wonderful, even if it isn't conventional. She is bound to love it.
When I am in a funk I also go online and look at all the new stuff. I always find something I want and will stitch on. That is why I have so many unfinished projects.
Hope all is well in this he#$ we now are living in, and winter, such as it ever is, can't get here fast enough.
Take care my friend and I have some interesting hot news for you. I will try to stop by soon,
so God Bless ~
check out my blog update if you get a chance

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I haven't had a slump for some years now! I've taken forced breaks when each baby was born and come back keener than ever!
If I'm bored with a project I might stitch a small or if I'm too ill to concentrate I'll sort stash!
Enjoy the baby-stitching. I had three friends give birth within 1 month back in 1999 and this year have had 2 births and 2 weddings (so far!).

mdgtjulie said...

Alas, I can't get rid of that darned frog. I think he's here to stay {gulp}. I have some more frogging to do, and then I'm hopefully going to be done for a while. I've decided that this bit of frogging I've done will be IT for this piece, and I'm not gonna do any more. Hopefully, the frog agrees with me, lol. Baby stitching is sooooo much fun. I love looking at all the cute little things. Can't wait to see your shoes. I'm sure they're adorable! Hope you and yours are having a good week, and the temps are staying cool in the house!

Meari said...

Usually a cool new chart or stash gets me excited about stitching again. Can't wait to see what you're stitching for the new babies. :)

The weather is nice here right now. Not too hot, and no humidity. But, that's about to change. Back into the 90's with humidity by the weekend. Ugh.

Kathy said...

I am sorry not to have commented earlier. I am so far behind on my blog reading but trying to catch up.

I can't wait to see what baby pieces you ahve been stitching. I have one I'm working on and another I need to do. I just have to get motivated. :)

Stay cool and have a great 4th!

Dani - tkdchick said...

You're reminding me I've got two baby things to stitch up as well!!!

Mary Ivancicts said...

Donna, I just picked up my needle, I believe it was too hot to stitch!! Hope you get cooler weather soon. Your stitching is beautiful I'm sure they will love it!