Friday, January 30, 2009

2 new purchases & One world, One heart

Ok, in my Yahoo bloggers group it was mentioned that we check out this site, One world, one heart. It is a site where bloggers from all over the world are gathering and each blogger is giving something away. Honestly, once I started looking at blogs I was up almost half the night. I found several stitching blogs and other stuff. A couple were tatting blogs. I SO want to learn to tat before I leave this earth. I will share with you a story as to why later.
This led me to one of the tatting blogger's Etsy store where I bought these fabulous, must have them, it's my birthday and I have a bonus check, so why not earrings! Aren't they just the most beautiful things?
Then while I was on Etsy, I found this pink ribbon that is tatted. I bought it too and am going to make it into a pin.
Ok, here is the site for the OWOH:
Check it out! You will find it most interesting.
And the designer for the earrings's Esty shop is yarnplayer and her blog is
You will be amazed at her talent.
The designer for the pink ribbon's Esty shop is TattingsFInest
I love both so much!


Terri said...

Very pretty. It looks great.

Ashley (The Euphoric Stitcher) said...

I love the earrings!! They are so pretty! The ribbon is very lovely as well!!

Beth said...

Great finds!

This year's OW~OH blog is located at:

The Blogger site was for the 2007-2008 events.

Have fun!

Carolyn NC said...

I'm an earring freak, so I need to check it all out! Love the ribbon, too!

Bonnie said...

Thanks a lot Donna, I had plans for my day
The earrings are beautiful. I too have always wanted to tat. My Mother tried to teach me, she made it look so simple, but all I made were knots. Good luck to you in learning.

Emily said...

They are so pretty. Love them

Kathy said...

They are pretty. I'll have to check out the site. Hey, it's Sat. and who wants to clean. LOL I'd rather surf. :)

Lelia said...

Awesome!!! I found out earlier today that the owner of my LNS tats. I couldn't believe it! I never knew. I'm going to have to give it a try, too.

Cindy F. said...

Great finds! Thanks for sharing the links:)

Karan said...

These are so pretty! :0)

Lynn B said...

Oh Donna
These are gorgeous!