Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have no filter...

Everyone who knows me knows I have no filter between my brain and my mouth. Whatever I think falls out of my mouth, generally within seconds of me having the thought.
So it would be no surprise to anyone who has known me anytime at all to hear I have volunteered to teach a biscornu project even though I have never done one.
Here is how the whole thing went down. We are having an EGA board meeting two weeks ago. Discussing what projects to do. I said I would teach my heart diamond floss tag ring project in Feb. & March and show them how to use a Crop-A-Dile in your needlework projects. No big deal, even though I myself have only used the thing twice. But at least I have used it.
Then onto the next project. We provide all the supplies for one project a year for our members. I said we needed to do a biscornu. Everyone was in agreement. Then I said, I will teach the biscornu. At this point, my brain asked my mouth "what did you just do? You have never even done a biscornu!". But it was too late.
So in May I will pass out the pattern and supplies for the project so they can stitch it. Then in June I will show them how to put the little jewel together.
Meanwhile, my Yahoo group, Cross Stitch Addiction, will have a FAL with me to show me how to do one so I can teach it. I have chosen the pattern for what I want to do. It is a pretty pattern that is 3" square when done. I am going to do it on 28 ct. dirty cashel linen over two. I am not worried about stitching the square. It is putting the pieces together that concerns me.
Here is the link to the pattern:
Instead of the large white smyrna cross in the center, we are going to put a pearl button. And I am getting some pretty crystals to put on each corner of the biscornu.
Wish me luck in my endeavor. And if anyone has a spare brain filter laying around, could you send it to me???


Threads and thoughts said...

I'm so glad to hear other people lack a filter too. I've been in some rather embarrassing positions already because of it.
I stitched a biscornu last year, only by vieuwing the instructions on internet. It came out very nice, only I put not enough wadding in it, so it is a bit flat. It's a bit scary the first couple of stitches and the first corner, but then is goes fine for the rest of the putting together. I wish you good luck on the teaching front!

Wendy said...

Oh boy, seems you have lots of things coming up to. I wish you good luck with it.
I would need a filter too, because I would also say, I will do it, even without further thinking.

Carolyn NC said...

Donna, you will have not have a problem teaching this. Once you see it done and do one yourself, you'll be ready to share it. I'm sure Meari, Rene, or Cameo (Studio Window) have instructions for it on their blogs somewhere, too. Good luck!

Cindy F. said...

HA!! You are sooo funny!
But honestly, even though you've never made one, you'll have it down perfectly before you teach it! Everyone will think you've made them for years!!
Sorry, I'm in need of my own brain

Gabi said...

LOL...that was funny. But don't worry, putting a biscornu together is not difficult at all.

Ranae said...

Oh! I need a brain filter too.
hehehe so funny!
I love to make biscornu's, they are easier then they look.
Good Luck!!
I love your USA altoid tin

Meari said...

LOL! You can't have my brain filter. Don't worry about putting the biscornu together. It's not difficult. I've done two of them.

Kathy said...

LOL. I guess the best thing I can say is: Good Luck.

Karan said...

LOL I've got more of a Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome going on. ROFL The biscornus are way easier to stitch together than they look - only a little fiddly on the corners. Best of Luck - hope the teaching goes well. :0)

Olenka's Stitches said...

When you make your first biscornu, you will see yourself that it is not difficult at all. You've chosen a lovely design for it. Good luck!