Sunday, September 13, 2009

For the love of stitching and a little baby

Well Folks, I am stitching again. It seems like ages since I have had the desire to stitch. Perhaps it is all the frantic stitching I did for my Stitching for a Cure project.
Speaking of Stitching for Cure, we are coming down to the home stretch. Check out my blog, Stitching For A Cure tomorrow for some news!
So what got me stitching again? A tiny little baby. One that has already been through more in the 14 days he has been on this earth than most of us would through in a lifetime.
I am stitching a little block that has a flamingo design on it for a quilt that will be given to this little angel. I have a short deadline, so I must get back to stitching. If any of you would like to know more about this little one, go here
I want to thank each of you for your encouragement to me during this stitching hiatus!


Pat's place said...

I came to see blog from KK yahoo the background wish i was talented to put up such a beautiful blog. keep up the great work

Carolyn NC said...

It's always nice to take a vacation from something, as when you come back to it, you feel renewed. :)

Mel said...

Glad to see you back! :)
That is such a tragic story about that little guy. I hope the surgery goes well.

CindyMae said...

So glad that you are stitching and what a great reason to be stitching again.

CJ said...

Glad your back to stitching. It is always good o take a break from it. I will be praying for that sweet little baby.