Thursday, March 18, 2010

More vacation pictures, a new project and just for reading to the end of the post, a giveaway!

Ok, yesterday we went to the zoo! It was great fun! My dear, sweet Mother was exhausted by the end of the day, but I think she wouldn't have missed it for the world. Here is a picture of the entire bunch at the beginning of the zoo trip!

These are a few more at the zoo!

I thought this fish was quite interesting!

This is a picture of my youngest with a statue of the orangutan! Have I told you how much I have looked forward to seeing the orangutans? They are fairly new to our zoo and I have really wanted to see them. Here is a picture of the smallest one. Sometimes I wish I could hang around like this!

And this is a pic of my 2 grandsons on the Komodo Dragon statue!

Today we went to the Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine Mills Mall. This is our second trip there. Last year we went there for my youngest grandson's 5th birthday and he requested we go there this year for his 6th birthday. Wow! He turned 6 today. Unbelievable!
Here is a pic of my husband, the boys and myself. My daughter was taking the picture so she is not in it!

This is the birthday boy blowing out his candles:

And no trip with my youngest would be complete without a train. There was a small train that did trips around the mall for children. Here is the pic with the boys as they were about to take off. All aboard!

Now onto some stitchy news. Have you seen these pieces? They are by Lizzie Kate, my fav designer!
I am doing the Chicks Rule (which is a limited addition) on 28 count lavender Lugana. I think it makes the colors just "pop"!

I really love the ABC's of Aging Gracefully. I am going to do it on my fav Silkweaver color, Days Gone By (the same fabric I am using for Time for God).
Now, you are at the end of the post. Whew! Long, huh? Think you deserve something for reading so much? Well, I have been blessed and Easter is upon us. So I want to bless one of my friends with something.
The Spring Fab Fob is a limited edition by Lizzie Kate. It comes with the pattern, some beads and most importantly these little, tiny blue and pink scissors.
This can be yours:

All you have to do is leave a comment and mention you want to be included in the drawing. I need some way of contacting you (e-mail addy would be lovely). I will draw for the giveaway on Saturday, March 27th. Good luck to all!


Anonymous said...

Donna you pictures are awesome... I am glad you are enjoying your time..



Carolyn said...

WELLLLL since I am a scissors freak, and I love LK, I must enter! What a darling kit! Thank you for a generous giveaway!I love the pretty and springy!

Oh wow, you all looked like you had a great time! I'm so glad your mom is able to make these wonderful memories with ya'll. :)

Thank you, also for the award! I will try to come up with some exciting and interesting things to put about myself and get it up this weekend. Thank you for thinking of me!

Crossing fingers and toes and eyes and.....

Mary said...

Ok Miss Donna, you've convinced me to enter into your drawing...LOL! I'm a sucker for Lizzie Kate! Looks like you had a great day with the grandkids! What a great way to spend the vacation! Hugs!

Rene la Frog said...

Oh how I wish I could have been with you at the zoo! When I did vol work at the zoo in Little Rock I was lucky enough to work with the Great Ape keepers in caring for the Chimps, Gorillas and Orangs. I really miss it.

What a wonderful giveaway and since I collect scissors and LOVE LK designs I would love to be included. I think you know my email addy

Rebecca (Becky J) said...

I always think going to the zoo is the greatest. Your pictures turned out wonderful. About 4 years back my sister and I took her Grandson to the zoo, I think we had more fun that he did, all he wanted to see was the birds, and that was the only word he knew how to say other than the regular DaDa, MaMa, Baba.

I would like to be put in your drawing for the give-a-way. I just love Lizzie Kate, I have lots of her stuff to do, but they are the funnest to stitch.

Becky J ( or see me on facebook, I'm their a lot.

Pike said...

I love the spring fob :)

Please enter my name.

Pirjo from Finland

Debbie said...

Love reading your blog, nice zoo pics. My favorite animal to see at the zoo are the polar bears.

I would love to enter your giveaway, thanks for the chance.

Happy Stitching!


Paula C. said...

Oh! I would love to win this! Please enter my name into the draw. My email address is in my profile. It looks like you have some fun projects planned =)

EvalinaMaria said...

I wish I was there with you. And I absolutely love your giveaway. Thank you for a chance to enter.

hugs from the north of 60

zaneymay said...

great family vacation, looks like everyone is having fun. Love the LK chicks that will be so cute.
Would love to be in the giveaway.

jennilynn said...

Donna, your vacation looks like fun. Your LK will look great on that fabby. I would love to be included in your drawing.


lynda said...

I always enjoy reading your looks like you had a great time at the zoo...the orangutans are my faves too! Please add my name to your giveaway drawing. Thanks!

swtart56 said...

I just love going to zoos and y'all looked like you had a blast!! Please include me in your drawing, I just can never have enough scissors!
Dawn in Fl

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I loved the pictures.

The new WIP is a cute one.

Please include me in your drawing. Thank you for allowing me to join in on the fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the zoo photos, especially that cool fish & family shots. I'm not a big fan of monkeys. Had them climb all over our car once and that was enough for me. Love your new stash & I'm a LK fan so please include me in your giveaway. Great fabric choice on Chicks Rule!

Emily said...

The zoo looked like so much fun, have to wait for my little one to get older before we can start doing that. Love that new Lizzie Kate and going to get that at some point.

Meari said...

What a fun day you all had. Love the Aging Gracefully kit, too. Please include me in the drawing. :)

Vicky L said...

Great pictures of the day at the zoo. The fish is interesting. I just love the colors of the Chicks Rule on the fabric. I can not wait to see it finish. I have the pattern myself. I will love to be enter in your giveaway. It is adorable and debating to get the kit myself.

socialsue said...

I enjoy going to the zoo with my grandchildren too. There is something relaxing about looking at the animals with kids. I am interested in joining ur give away draw! LK designs is one of my favorite!

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Looks as though your vacation with the kids was a hit! Grandma I'm sure enjoyed herself as well. Building memories that will last a lifetime is wonderful. Please include me in your give a way. I've never made a fob, so it would be something different and new to me. Have a great day.

Julie Phillips, aka Julieloveslucy SCS said...

Hey Princess! I love the zoo photos, it looked like the boys had a great time, and they are such cuties! I love Lizzie & Kate and would like to be included in your drawing, thanks ever so much!

Mel said...

The zoo photos are awesome! And I love the Rainforest Cafe. We don't have one where I live, but anytime I go anywhere that there is one I always make sure to eat there. :)

Those Lizzie Kates are too cute! I'd love to be entered in the draw.

Diane said...

The first photo from the zoo cracked me up! Everyone but you has that classic smile-grimace that you get when you tell a kid to smile for a picture. :)

Please drop my name in the hat for the drawing. Thank you.

Thanks, also, for sharing about the L*K Art of Aging. I hadn't seen it before. Love it! Another one to add to the never-ending wish list.

Tammy said...

I luv the zoo!!!! Please enter me in your draw--I have a couple on my blog too. My email is there too thanks

Anonymous said...

I had to look twice at the picture of the iguana and your grandsons... I thought it was real!! And the ape and your grandson, I think I have a picture of one of my grandsons with an ape like that. I think we took it at Bush Gardens in FL.

If you would please enter me in your Easter drawing... I just bought a Lizzie Kate pattern, I got the Merry Christmas by the letter set... haven't started it yet but I can't wait to see how it turns out. I could sure use a nice little pair of scissors to travel with me while working on it... :o)

may your blessings continue through Easter and the rest of they year

Jo said...

Glad you had a great time at the zoo, the boys certainly looked to be enjoying it. I'm so jealous of your LK stash, keep meaning to get some but life and the kids keep taking all the pennies! Fab kit and as I'm ready for new scissors I'd love to be entered. x

Kathy said...

Love the photos!! It sure looks like you are all having a wonderful time together. I especially like the one of your grandson with the organgutan. :)

I love that new LK Chicks Rule. It is too adorable. :)

Please throw my name into the drawing. :)


PS. Have a fun filled weekend.

Lyn said...

The zoo is always a fun place to go! The nearest zoo to me is almost 70 miles, in Indianapolis. I haven't been to the zoo in a very long time. The project you are doing looks like it will be very pretty. I would love to be included in your drawing. You can reach me at

Kim R. said...

I'd love a chance to enter your wonderful giveaway - Thanks!!

kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Cindy's Stitching said...

Very nice pictures of the family. Please include me for the giveaway.

The Hines Family said...

LOVE the pics! Sounds like you have had a fabulous vacay!!

Katrien said...

Great family-pics.

I'd love to enter the drawing.
hugs, Katrien (ILCS)

Ranae said...

Awesome Photo's
Looks like it was a blast
I'll pass on the giveaway seeing I won your last one.
Good Luck everyone

Harvestangel said...

The Pics of you and your family are great, it looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

Please enter me into your drawing I would love to try Lizzie Kate and the scissors would be perfect for when I go to the park or river to stitch.

My e-mail addy is -

Karan said...

Looks like you all had a fabulous time at the zoo & the Mall. Belated Happy Birthday to your DGS. Nice new stash too. :0)