Sunday, February 20, 2011

E is for Eat Chocolate

As in my previous post, I am working on the ABC's of Aging Artfully. I will not be stitching in alphabetic order due to the way I have the fabric on my scroll frame. I am on E today.
Ok, this is one I have a little problem with. Because even though a 50 year old menopausal woman is supposed to crave chocolate, I don't. Sweets are not something I crave except on few occasions.
With one really big exception. An exception that I can't have because the restaurant went out of business 10 years ago due to a divorce. Divorce hurts everyone, including restaurant patrons.
There was this little place called The Arizona. And they served a Kaluha chocolate chimichanga with tequilla cream sauce. I am not lying when I say this was a lick your plate kind of desert. It was a dark chocolate in a tortilla, lightly fried, served with this white cream sauce. I am getting goosebumps thinking about it.
I am sure even today I would love it. I have searched Google trying to find something similar, but I am sure it would only disappoint me even if I found it.
Here is the pic of the Eat Chocolate verse start:

On another note, today is the Daytona 500. I can't help but think about Rene. She was such a NASCAR fan. I know she is watching from her spot in heaven, but I would much rather have her here, chatting with her about the race and seeing all her wonderful stitching. Rene we love you.
You all have seen pics of my 70 year old mom. She is also a NASCAR fan. Her favorite driver is Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Her best friend Kristi, who is also her stylist and manicurist, helped her celebrate the 500 in style. She went to the supply store and told them she needed Mountain Dew/Amp Energy green nail polish (Dale's colors).
She painted her nails black and on one hand put a checkered flag and on the other put the letter "A" for Amp Energy and the number 88, Jr.'s number.
The pics are not very good (her little paralyzed hand would not cooperate) but here they are:

Mom knows how to party!
And for all my snow bound friends. It is in the low 80's here in Texas. Even though I have been sick, my dear husband took me for a ride. The daffodils (my favorite flowers) are in bloom. We will have them around for about 3 weeks before they are gone for the year. This is proof that my friend Phil was right-we will have an early spring.
I have photos for you, along with a picture of one of the roadrunners that live at the Arboretum I so dearly love to go to. I hadn't seen the roadrunners for some time and then when I did, I didn't have my camera. But my husband James got a great pic of one of them:

Now that the daffies have burst out with their sunshine yellow color, I know that bluebonnets and red bud trees are just a short time away! I love spring!
Here is to wishing all of you sunshine and chocolate! Keep on stitching!


Emily in NC said...

Like the story and pics of you moms nails, very clever. It's a good thing not to crave sweets, I have it bad.

Kay said...

I like your story about your mom and her nails, that is awesome! The Lizzie Kate is looking good so far, I have a bad sweet tooth especially when it comes to chocolate, so be happy that you do not have that, not too healthy any way for any of us.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the chocolate. I love sweets to an enormous degree, but chocolate was never my weakness. Caramel, however....

Meari said...

Beautiful spring pics :) It's at the freezing mark here today with icy road conditions due to all the rain we got over the weekend.

Your WIP looks great, and I'm enjoying your thoughts that go with each letter. :)

Carolyn NC said...

Love your mom's attitude and nails! I miss Rene, too. I was just thinking of her today - hard to believe she's not here anymore. Great stitching and pics. :)

Anonymous said...

love your blog....

chrisstitches said...

Love the daffodils (we won't have them for a while up North)....sometimes they poke out in January (brr!!!)
Love the eat chocolate piece
& the fingernails.....
Thanks for sharing.
chris, newbie, from i-lov group