Saturday, February 12, 2011

What is it?

Ok, so the whole question is "What is it about birthdays that inspire me so?".
I have always felt my birthday was a national holiday. And meant to be celebrated for weeks. Gifts weren't important. It was about the hoopla and celebration. The confetti and princess crowns. The singing "Happy Birthday" over and over. The talking about it so much that people start running the other way when they see me.
But there is something else. I think it happened when I turned 30. But I really remember my 40th birthday the most. I had my first limo ride and spa day celebration. Changed my hair color and did the whole nine yards, complete with a new outfit.
That really started a tradition. Since then, I have always had a "birthday shirt". And a pedicure and manicure. And even if my birthday always occurs in frozen February, I had a new pair of sandals to wear on my birthday to show off my new pedicure. This year was no exception. It was a record 16 degrees out and I wore sandals. Froze myself nearly to death, but boy my feet looked GOOOOODDD!
Every year, it seems I "make over" myself on my birthday. Not really make over, but kind of "pump it back up". Seems like I reach a point just before my birthday where I slack off on the make up and the hair, well, it just doesn't have a "punch" to it.
This year I did a big change and went blond. Well, not all blond. Red undertones with major blond highlights. I thought with my red face I couldn't do blond, but girls, just let me tell you I can do blond. And do it up right.
I have bought more nail polish and make up and face creams and hair stuff in the past couple of weeks than I have all year long.
Some people throw out the old and bring in the new on New Year's. But I think I do it on my birthday.
Whatever it is, it is really nice to feel pretty again. And spoiled. And fun. And cared for. And well, blond! I think fifty suits me really well.
I have ordered some fabric and will be stitching again really soon. I will post pics as soon as I can.
Now for those of you up north with snow and ice and freezing temps, what I am about to say is not to make you feel more miserable. We even had temps in the teens with wind chills at 0 and snow, ice and sleet in the past two weeks.
But, I have to tell you, the daffodils are in bloom. The green sprigs have been out for a couple of weeks and today I saw 2 yellow blooms. I think in the next week or so they will be out for real. I will post flower pics as they bloom.
I think my buddy Phil is right. We are going to have an early spring!
Here is wishing you sunshine and daffodils!


Kay said...

Sounds like a great birthday you had and the change in hair is always nice, we all need to have that kind of attitude when it comes to our birthdays, most of us do not bother with it too much but you prove that no matter what you can still live it up and look fabulous while doing it.

Terry said...

I like your idea of a birthday celebration!!!! You look wonderful too!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Meari said...

You do indeed do 50 well :) I think it's great you live it up on your birthday. That's just awesome!