Friday, April 17, 2009

A challenge

For those of you who follow both my blogs, please excuse me but I will have the same message on both blogs.
Most of you know I am working on a project for American Cancer Society. We are stitching Christmas ornaments for a tree that will be raffled off and the money given to American Cancer Society.
My friend Mary and I were talking last night. I have been focused on getting enough ornaments for the tree. But I forgot one very important part of the tree: THE TOPPER!
I am thinking an angel would look great on top.
So here is my question to you: Do you know of a pattern for an angel to go on the top of the tree? Do you have any ideas on how I can make one? I would hate to have a store bought angel on top of this beautifully hand stitched decorated tree.
Any suggestions would be welcome! You can leave me a msg. here or an e-mail at
So put your thinking caps on and help me! Thanks.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

How about taking the idea of those Leisure art clothes pin angels.... In large the size of aida and instead of using a clothes pin use a small ball for the head... use some starch or something that would stiffen the material after your done stitching so that when you make the dress into a cone it would stand... Hope you can understand this....

Rene la Frog said...

The only stitched Angels I've seen are the Hardanger ones at Nordic Needle. You could always just use a BIG bow swith stremers of ribbon (really wide ribbon) in all the colors of the ornaments coming down the tree. I can see it in my head but it's really hard to explain.

J Rae said...

I have seen on your blog the angel stitched out of the ribbon about stitching that on like 7 ct using either perle cotton or 6 strands of floss and then making a "stand up" out of it or something like that that you could mount on top of the tree? Just a thought.

Moon_Child said...

What about a Handkerchief Angel. You can make them out of men's Handkerchiefs and then do Ribbon embroidery around the bottom in various colors. I'm sure there's a tutorial out there for how to do them I just can't find it at the moment. If I do I'll post again :-)


Gabi said...

I'm going to stitch an angel for you anyway. It's a Just Nan Angel called "Hope". My mother in law chose this one, and it will be dedicated to her. I was planning to finish it rounded above and streight down. It would be easy to finish it in a way that it has a front and a back and is open in between. Of course nicely worked off so you won't see any card board.
I'm not good in explanation. But if you wish I can finish it as a topper. Drop me a line if you want me to do so.