Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Easter Eggs, but lots of flowers

I want to wish each of you a Happy Easter. My grandkids are not here, so I have no Easter eggs or baskets to show. But I do have lots of flowers.
First, can anyone tell me what this flower is? The past several weeks I have noticed what I thought was a weed taking over our arboretum. It looked like a weed. Then this week these beautiful red flowers popped out of them. They are gorgeous!

I love spring and this spring has proven to be one of the most beautiful. Even the cacti are blooming!

Now I have a confession to make. My dad loved flowers. We have many, many videos of flowers from him. And even when we went to Disney World, we didn't have video of Mickey or Goofy. Nope. We had video of all the beautiful flowers there. I didn't understand it at the time.
But now, I see a little of my dad peeking through. I have come to LOVE flowers. And I LOVE taking pictures of them and boring people with my pictures of flowers.
I even had my DH out in the rain today, picking out a beautiful pink rosebush for me for our yard. He loves me and he loves gardening. I just love looking at the garden and telling him where things should go.
Speaking of rosebushes, here are some red and pink roses I saw at the arboretum today:

Here is a pink rose, very full:

And a pink bud:

And now, how about a full pink rose and a bud, together!

I just love spring! And Easter is the best part of spring!
Now later, when I post about my allergies, remind me of all of these flowers! Achoo!
Have a happy, hoppy Easter!


Daffycat said...

Ooo, I love the bright red cactus flowers!

Have a happy Easter, Donna!

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos Donna - happy Easter to you.
Love Michelle x

Lou's addictions said...

Gorgeous flowers, I cant wait for mine to come into bloom now too.

Karan said...

Ooo gorgeous flower pics. The top one looks a bit like a Chrysanthemum but with those seed heads I think they could be a rather weird but wonderful variety of poppy. :0)

Debbie Jo said...

The flowers are so very very nice! I love watching flowers bloom and having them around, they just don't do well for me! Thanks so much for sharing.

Happy Easter Donna and family.

Rene la Frog said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful flowers. Both my Grandmother and my Dad grew amazing flowers and the pictures brouht back some really fond memories of the time I speht digging in the dirt with them.

J Rae said...

Have a wonderful Easter!

Beautiful flowers!

Kathy said...

I believe the unknown flowers are some memeber of the dianthus or carnation family. The leaves are the giveaway. Do they have a scent?
Love all your cactus flowers!! I only have the yellow ones and they won't be blooming for another two months! Wow your's are simply gorgeous. I HAVE to find some of those red ones. :)
I too love taking photos of my flowers. I hope to have some soon. Maybe by mid-May. :)

Trecie said...

The flowers are beautiful Thanks so for sharing them I really love the cactus I just recently got some. It won't bloom this year but maybe next Trecie from ILCS

Terry said...

Beautiful Flowers. Happy Easter!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Gorgeous flowers... and happy Easter!

Gabi said...

Great pictures. I love flowers. Happy Easter

Kathy B said...

I am jealous. I love all your flowers. I am or was like you before I got housebound, I love taking pics of flowers. Thanks for sharing.
hugs, Kathy B

Kathy B said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures of the flowers. I am jealous. Mine have not even started to come up yet. I use to take a lot of pictures of flowers too.
Kathy B

Meari said...

I love taking photos of flowers, too. Yours are absolutely beautiful!

Carolyn NC said...

No boredom here - I love flowers! Great pics!

CindyMae said...

I love to see gorgeous pics like these of flowers as wel as take them! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us, beautiful!

Mel said...

I'm so jealous of your flowers.
We are still buried in snow where I am, so it's nice to see that spring has come somewhere.

TattingChic said...

Happy Easter to you, too; although belatedly! Your flowers are very pretty!

Thanks so much for the very sweet comment you left on my blog today! You make ME smile! :)