Saturday, October 18, 2008

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Ok, I signed up for not 1, but 2 ornament exchanges.  On one I stitch an ornament and send it to a friend from one of my Yahoo groups and she sends me one.  Simple enough.  No real deadline, just get it in before the end of November.  
The other one I stitch an ornament for another friend from another Yahoo group.  This one is a secret.  They don't know who is stitching for them and I don't know who is stitching for me.  We have to have the ornament mailed by Nov. 15th.  Then by Dec. 15th we have to send a gift to that person and someone will send me one.
Confused yet?  Well join the club.
I immediately pulled all the patterns I currently have for ornaments (and good grief that is enough to keep me stitching until the end of time).  I found one that I just recently purchased that I have been dying to do.  I saw it done on some purple fabric on another blog and I REALLY want to do it that way.
So off I go, online to purchase this hand dyed purple fabric.  And while I am at it, I bought 2 more pieces of fabric.  One can never have enough fabric, right?
Then I have to decide what I want to do for the other one.  I have a cute lollipop idea that was done for Halloween (see my candy jar photo).  But what to stitch that is round and would look good as a lollipop?
I found an old issue of BH&G Cross Stitch Christmas that has a pinwheel design on it.  The actual design is for a yo-yo.  Now this design brings back really bad memories.  I stitched this what should be simple design several years ago and had so many problems with it that I ended up throwing it in the trash.  I mean it was a disaster.  I couldn't seem to count, then I finally finished the stitching and when I was putting the sucker together, I ironed on the interfacing to the front of the STITCHING!
So now I am debating, do I want to try this design again?  And should I make it into a lollipop or a yo-yo like it was originally designed?  Hmm?!
And if that is not enough, I went online and found this really cute LK scissor keep that is in the shape of a Christmas tree that you stitch and can be used for an ornament or a scissor keep.  All you have to do is stitch the design and the thing is done.  So I bought not one, but 2.  After all, I am going to have to send person no. 2 a gift and I am sure I can use the other one.
If I am rambling, please excuse me.  It is just this little exchange (or rather two exchanges) has already cost me $35 for fabric (including the extra I just had to have) and $30 for the two scissor cases.  
At this rate, I foresee myself doing some major last minute stitching for these two ornaments. I have to wait for the fabric to come in, wait for the scissor cases to come in and if choosing patterns, fabric, etc is taking this long, can you imagine how long it is going to take for me to stitch them.  After all I have to stitch a few stitches, admire what I have stitched, imagine how it is going to look finished, stitch a few more stitches, admire... You get the picture.
And before I can even start on those I must finish my "Thank you Lord for veggies" that is a Thanksgiving piece (stay tuned for pictures).
My biggest obstacle will be to stay off of this computer and stitch, stitch, stitch.  I haven't found a way yet to type and stitch at the same time.  If any of you have found a way, please let me know ASAP.
Don't forget to enter my PIF.  OH BOY!  I have now offered to stitch 3 more pieces for other people.  I foresee a stay in a psychiatric facility in my near future...

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