Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh my aching neck

Ok.  Last weekend I did some marathon stitching.  Finished a couple of projects.  Stitched in my fav chair with my head down most of the weekend.  Now I did get up to take Mom to the beauty shop, go to eat lunch out and cooked meals for the family.  I also did my laundry.
But the majority of the time I was stitching.
So......on Monday, I noticed I had a crick in my neck.  No big deal.  It would go away.  Just take some ibuprofen and put some heat on it.  Tuesday, still there.  Still hurts.  If I move it in a certain way it can make me freeze up.  Like the old movies you would see when someone strains their back and can't move.  But still, this will pass.  Right?
Wednesday, oh my.  In the morning I am ok, just a little twinge when I hook my bra or reach for my shoes.  Afternoon, I am rubbing my neck and reaching for ibuprofen.  Evening, driving home is a nightmare.  Turning my neck to look for traffic.  Oh my.
Thursday, is this ever going away????  I have a mild headache all the time.  My dh is, I am sure, tired of hearing me moan in the night (and not because of him, lol).  Friends at work are sympathetic, but again, tired of me griping.  Thursday night is miserable.  I feel like my shoulders are in my ears.
Friday.  GOOD GRIEF.  Enough already.  I come home in the afternoon.  My sister decides to help me by rubbing my neck.  She hits a spot that sends me to another planet.  A BIG PAINFUL planet.  Now the pain is between my shoulders.  When I pick up my stitching bag to take it to my room, my mom says she doesn't think I should stitch.  WELL, DUH!!!  I don't think I should stitch either.  Somehow, this has got to go away.  Now where is that bottle of ibuprofen?
More to come...


Terry said...

Did you pinch a nerve? Or did your sister do it when she was giving you the backrub? If so, I found the only relief was a massage. If it's just strained muscles then an adjustment by a chiropractor will do the trick followed up by the massage. I was 5 months pregnant when I had a pinched nerve so I didn't have many options. LOL

Carolyn said...

Ouch - hope it's better soon.