Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Taking the day off

This week promises to be a boogeroo.  I have several early/late meetings and then Relay For Life is on Saturday night and while I won't be out there all night, I will be out late.  
So I decided to take this afternoon off from 12:30 on.  I went to the arboratum and watched butterflies, road runners and stitched for about 3 hours.
It was absolutely boffo (great)!  Can you tell I have been watching White Christmas again?
I worked on my Thank the Lord for Veggies piece and I made great progress (note to self I must take a pic of my progress to show).  
No one in the family knew I was off and so I was just hiding out, all by myself, snickering and feeling quite pleased with myself.  (Second note to self, do not let dh read my blog).
So I now feel refreshed and ready to finish the week!  
Go out and have a simply marvie time stitching and enjoying this great fall weather!


MommaC said...

That's not true...I knew where you were! But, I'm not talking...for once.

J Rae said...

Welcome to the Yahoo! stitching group!

Those Halloween lollipops are too cute. And the blood bags in the bottom of the jar is a great touch. :-)