Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stitching and showing off

Question:  Am I stitching more because I have a way to show off my work to more than just my EGA group or am I stitching more just because I love to stitch?
The answer is both.  Yes, I am really enjoying my Yahoo I love cross stitch group and my new blog and I am really enjoying that I can now actually show my work to friends and family who live away from here.  I don't have to weigh down their e-mail with MB of pictures sent to them.
But I am really enjoying stitching just for the joy of stitching.  Fall seems to bring out in me the need to create.  And I love all the rich colors of fall.  Green is my fav color and it is everywhere in fall along with rich browns and even the jewel tones.  Watching something develop while stitching and adding my own touches to my favorite designers' work just plain makes me smile.  Try adding a button or two to your piece.  Or changing the color of your fabric than what the sample shows.  Go bold and use Sampler Threads or Week's Dyeworks instead of plain DMC.  Watch how that design becomes more of you!
Mostly, just pick up the thread and needle and get stitching.  Now enough blogging!  Let's go make something beautiful!

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Debbie said...

just found your blog and I love the finishes.